Adam Nordstrom

Experience: Transportation, Railroads, Energy, Appropriations, Grant & Loan Application Support, Economic Development, Regulatory Review

Adam Nordstrom

Adam Nordstrom is a Partner of CC&H and represents the interests of local and state governments, freight and passenger railroads, transit agencies, and other transportation, contracting and construction oriented clients.

Since 1999 he has directed the firm’s development of grassroots lobbying strategies. In this capacity Mr. Nordstrom and the CC&H team work to build relationships between the firm, clients, and Members of Congress through facility tours, media events, and fundraisers that bring Congressmen, clients, the press and the public together. Mr. Nordstrom directs the organization of major Washington lobbying events such as “Railroad Day on the Hill," an annual event bringing hundreds of transportation stakeholders to Washington to attend meetings with hundreds of Members of Congress and Administration officials.

Mr. Nordstrom has developed expertise in tax policy and many areas of federal and state policy including infrastructure funding, federal research funding, solid waste transportation, renewable energy, and the interplay between federal, state, and local law in a variety of policy contexts. Among his legislative accomplishments include the enactment of the Section 45G short line railroad infrastructure tax credit which has been involved over $4 billion in infrastructure investment generating almost $2 billion in 45G credits over the last 12 years. Since 2003 Mr. Nordstrom and the CC&H team have secured roughly 2,000 congressional endorsements for 45G in the form of cosponsorships.

Prior to joining CC&H, Mr. Nordstrom began his political career on a 1994 gubernatorial campaign. He worked in the House and Senate and on two Senate campaigns as an aide from 1995 to 1999. Since 2003 Mr. Nordstrom has served as the Washington Director for three Governors of Kansas serving as a liaison between governors, state agencies, and the federal government.

Mr. Nordstrom is a graduate of The George Washington University School of Business and Public Management in Washington, DC with a B.A. in International Business, focusing on international finance and trade, and a J.D. from the George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, VA. Mr. Nordstrom is a member of the Virginia State Bar.