Practice Areas

Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell (CC&H) is a Washington, DC based government relations firm that assists private corporations, municipalities, state governments, public agencies, universities, and trade associations in their dealings with the federal government.  With over 30 years of experience, CC&H has built a solid foundation on a strong network of relationships throughout the federal agencies and within both political parties in Congress.

CC&H has the professional expertise and the knowledge necessary to provide clients with effective federal representation. Practice areas that CC&H specializes in, include:

Economic Development

  • Federal economic development and infrastructure policy and funding
  • Waterfront redevelopment policy and funding
  • Rural economic development policy and funding
  • Sustainable development incentives
  • Environmental review and permitting policies


  • Capital projects for universities
  • Research and development funding strategies
  • University Transportation Centers funding and policy


  • Surface transportation reauthorization
  • Transportation infrastructure development, planning and funding
  • Public transit policy and project funding
  • Project delivery efficiency and restructuring
  • Innovative funding sources and strategies
  • Interagency coordination
  • Legislative provisions
  • Regulatory compliance and advice
  • Intermodal facilities
  • Airports


  • Passenger railroads funding and policy
  • Freight railroads funding and policy
  • Rail supply and contractors
  • Labor union negotiations
  • Tax policy credits


  • Environmental permitting
  • Water and air quality issues
  • Commercial developments
  • Special waste permitting
  • Agriculture regulatory compliance

Appropriations, Budget and Creative Funding

  • Federal appropriations advocacy
  • Strategic engagement with executive branches
  • Grant application support

Association Management

  • Association Management
  • Board and committee development
  • Membership services
  • Planning and execution of events
  • Financial and resource management
  • Public relations and government affairs support
  • Policy assistance
  • Full-service management

Water Resources

  • Water infrastructure planning and funding
  • Harbors and port development
  • Maintenance and dredging funding
  • Marine Corps of Engineers permitting
  • Storm water, drinking water and wastewater policy


  • Clean energy projects development
  • Transportation and transmission
  • Environmental permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Property rights


  • Sales strategies and procurement

All staff members of CC&H have extraordinary academic credentials and most have experience working on Capitol Hill prior to joining the firm. They also have extensive experience working in or with federal departments and agencies, such as:

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Department of Veterans Affairs
Defense Logistics Agency Federal Aviation Administration
Department of Agriculture Federal Communications Commission
Department of Commerce Federal Housing Administration
Department of Health and Human Services Federal Railroad Administration
Department of Homeland Security Federal Transit Administration
Department of Defense Maritime Administration
Department of Energy National Endowment of the Arts
Department of the Interior Office of Management and Budget
Department of Housing and Urban Development US Army Corps of Engineers
Department of Labor US House of Representatives
Department of State US Senate
Department of Transportation White House Office